The AMS owner mining ventures start with the evaluation and securing of concessions that are legal, valid, and accurately represented. Our experience in navigating the complexities of DRC’s mining concession ownership regulations is a key differentiator to our full scope of mining services.

Our group has an extensive pedigree of successful exploration drilling projects in the region. KCS is a well positioned partner for your needs given our extensive fleet of RC and diamond drilling rigs and our professional teams.

KCS, with our partners, can manage all aspects of mine development planning from feasibility, geoscience, engineering, logistics, and raising capital. All work is conducted to meet international standards to ensure project execution.

KCS blast hole drilling is a powerful performance division, experienced to handle the high pressure environment and meet client requirements. We understand that efficient blast hole drilling is a catalyst for unlocking overall mining performance.

KCS runs a number of contracts with effective BCM mining rates that help the client move their ore at a competitive price. The group has a fleet of over 300 machines and an excellent back up support increase utilization and decrease down time.

An extension of the KCS mining fleet includes crushing and screening machines and a dense medium separation (DMS) plant. In addition to efficient ore preparation, KCS can consult on the most lucrative processing methods and construct the necessary infrastructure.

Once the ore is prepared properly, extraction can begin. KCS can deliver fully constructed heap leaching ponds and tailings damns. Our experienced teams oversee this stage to ensure environmental best practice.

Our in-house processing capabilities is what truly sets us apart from any other contracting company in the DRC. The commitment to innovation has led to the development and implementation of Fines Optimizes Heap Leaching technology (FOHL). AMS has developed, in conjunction with BASF, the latest innovation in low to marginal grade heap leaching technology for both copper and cobalt fines stockpiles.