Katanga Contracting Services

Katanga Contracting Services S.A.R.L was established in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2013. KCS is part of the African Mining Solutions Group of companies which has expanded to incorporate numerous businesses across Southern Africa, including several wholly-owned mining and civil infrastructure operations, and select investments in mine support service companies. The group also has a number of key investments in it’s own mining projects which KCS fully supports them on. KCS is the Group’s mining, civil construction, contracting, and processing company.

As KCS continues to grow into a world class contracting company, we have created an organizational culture that thrives on team work and a structure built for growth. Management is responsible for ensuring their teams have the correct structures, people, systems, and support in place for all departments to function together efficiently. Selecting good people, the right equipment and supporting this with the right technical, systems, and logistical support is the foundation of our project success. . .


To be the mining industry’s preferred partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the development of our niche capabilities that serve to add value to our projects whilst always demonstrating excellence